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Meet Eric - Common Sense for Sudbury

My participation in Sudbury public service has been continuous for three decades. I've thoroughly enjoyed talking with many residents across town and hearing about the matter that most interest them to help improve our town.  For those I've not yet had the pleasure to meet, my name is Eric Poch and I'd like your vote this March 25th for Select Board.

For the last seven years I've served on the Finance Committee, the last 5 as Chair/Co-Chair, and before that, 10 years leading the Planning Board.  In 1995 I moved to Sudbury and lived in the South, Center and North sections of town.  We've put five children through Sudbury Public Schools and LS Regional High School. As parents, we've been involved at all levels of town sports and extracurricular activities Sudbury has to offer, and the support we see for Marcus (LS '25 Kicker/Punter) as he reaches national ranking has been a joy that humbles.

I have a successful history of looking at things independently, while striving for consistent, repeatable processes. The transformation of both the Planning Board and Finance Committee has been lasting, creating efficient and effective processes to maintain those functions. This in part is due to my profession in financial and regulatory assurance and governance.  My job, like being a Select Board member, requires bringing new ideas to the table for debate and discussion, while taking pragmatic, timely and cost-effective action toward planning for and executing what can ACTUALLY be accomplished.  Achieving results like this in global corporations with team members scattered in multiple time zones and cultures isn't easy and takes leadership, vision and effort. Sudbury is similar, where each and every resident has an equal yet different voice, and more importantly vote to determine the outcome.

My professional career has provided me with the good fortune to travel while working in many foreign countries like South Africa, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the UK and Netherlands. Experiencing other cultures is one of the greatest contributions to my personal growth, perspective and attitude toward life and has fostered my enjoyment of collaborating with different people to Get Stuff Done!

I've accumulated a lot of knowledge on how Sudbury's government operates, the good, the bad and the ugly. My vision for how to improve it is quite simple really:

  • Be accountable
  • Be present
  • Be transparent
  • Foster fiscal responsibility and effective town services that benefit our entire community
  • Be optimistic but pragmatic
  • Resist partisan activism, all politics is local, but always ask "Does this help or hurt Sudbury?"

While I've done much and am happy with the results of my service to Sudbury to date, I'd like one more turn at taking on a new challenge to further improve our lovely and well-loved town. I'd be humbled and appreciative to serve as your Select Board member and will truly appreciate your vote and support on March 25th!

Thanks so much! 

Eric Poch

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Committee to Elect Eric Poch
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