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I have lived in Sudbury for 51 years. In the earlier years of my residency, I served as the  Principal of Curtis Middle School for 5 years before leaving to go into the television and media business. This included a long career as President/GM of WNDS TV 50; President/ Principal of ComTel Productions; WHS Media Productions; and Media Communications Administrator at Emerson College.

During my time years in Sudbury, I engaged in the “must do” civic tasks- youth soccer coach, served on the Board of Assessors and as a member of the Sudbury Human Relations and Interfaith committees. I offer this background as it gives context and perspective of Sudbury- as a semi old timer in town. It also serves as a backdrop for my introduction to and recommendation for Eric Poch to serve on the Sudbury Select Board.

While I have a great relationship with many of my past students at Curtis who serve the community through their businesses and other vocations (Rusty Bent, Joe Carney, Dianne Lucas, Scott Richardson, Police Chief Scott Nix and many others) my connection with Eric was born of a different experience. It really tells who he is.

Almost ten years ago, Eric moved in across the street from another part of Sudbury. Afterwards I would see him occasionally and give the ‘new neighbor wave’ as I turned into the driveway but never had the opportunity to really stop and chat. The first winter after Eric and his family became neighbors, one evening after a really heavy snow storm I heard the roar of a snowblower coming up my rather long walkway. I asked my wife, “Who is out there clearing our walkway?”  She said, “I think it’s the new guy across the street”. I bundled up and quickly went out to greet him saying, “Gee! You really didn’t have to do this, but I am grateful”. He said “I am happy to do this, you are my neighbor!” We have become good friends and he and his family are treasured neighbors and truly caring people who place service and friendship as a core value in their lives.

Eric is the kind of person we all seek to be a part of our lives. His being on the Select Board will enhance that spirit in our town.

— William Smtih, Former Curtis Middle School Principal
Service and friendship as core values

So, like every other thing, painters, plumbers, and landscapers, I am going with who Sawin recommends.
But seriously, I have known Eric for a long time and I have seen his leadership and knowledge of the town issues become deeper and more profound. His previous work on the PB was always informed and considered all the options equally.
His work on FinCom has also been stellar. He took a fractious board and refocused it showing true financial expertise and leadership.
I am pleased that he is volunteering to serve on the SB. Our town needs his expertise, his experience, and his steady leadership.
But perhaps most important, he is a person of integrity and humor. He takes the job seriously, he takes his role in the community seriously, he obviously takes his family seriously. But for a serious guy he smiles a lot. That kind of balance strikes me as someone we can rely upon. Someone working to contribute but not doing it for his own agenda or anyone else’s.
Please join me on March 25 voting for Eric Poch for Select Board.
— Kevin Mathews, (LSRHS School Board Member)
He took a fractious board and refocused it showing true and leadership- and -"What Sawin Said"

Sudbury is very fortunate to have a network of volunteers that exemplify commitment. Whether it’s supporting youth organizations, charities, fundraisers, neighbors or town government - some Sudbury residents continuously step up for the benefit of our community.

One person who epitomizes this is Eric Poch, a candidate for the Select Board. He has the expertise, temperament, and foresight to move our town forward.

I have had the privilege of knowing Eric for many years and have been fortunate to join him and follow him in some very important town issues.  He has always contributed level-headed input for the committees he served on and for voting issues at Town Meetings.  His experience on the Planning Board with our development bylaws and on the Finance Committee vetting Town budgets and financial matters makes him an experienced, knowledgeable, yet very approachable town leader.

There are two significant attributes Eric consistently brings to the table at all the meetings he attends, no matter how emotional the topic - facts and a balanced command of the process. His knowledge of protocols and guidelines that our town government needs to operate within is exceptional and it shows his ability to lead and contribute to important discussions.

Eric also is not afraid to vote NO. Voting “no” doesn’t always mean you are against something but can be intended to encourage presenters to bring more data and relevant information back to the discussion. Or as I’ve witnessed him comment, that a topic or detail might not really be within the duties that a certain group can or should debate. The difference with Eric is that he also knows where details should be discussed and contributes to make that happen as well.

As our town faces more challenging times, it is Eric Poch I hope to see leading the Select Board. His guidance, willingness to listen and open-minded thought process will be instrumental on matters concerning policies and the direction for the town of Sudbury.

Please consider joining me on March 25th and VOTE for Eric Poch for Select Board.

— Scott Sawin
Facts and a balanced command of the process

Eric is consistently guided by the authority and responsibilities of the group on which he serves—Finance Committee, Planning Board or other. He focuses on pursuing the group's mandate to address the core business which must be conducted by the board and politely but firmly resists straying into unproductive discussions. This is an extremely valuable skill for a Select Board member. He would be an asset to the Board and to the Town.
He has my wholehearted endorsement for Select Board.
— Pat Brown, (Former Select Board Member)
Focused on the mandate...resists unproductive discussion

In the 10+ years I have known Eric, he has always been a strong proponent of Sudbury and is passionate about keeping this town a great place to live. His knowledge regarding any Sudbury topic never ceases to amaze me. It's a great thing that he is running for the Sudbury Select Board and I encourage everyone to vote for Eric Poch! — Steven Hauptman
His Sudbury knowledge never ceased to amaze me!

I enthusiastically endorse Eric Poch for the Select Board in Sudbury.  I have lived in Sudbury for 15 years and have known Eric for most of that time. I have three main reasons why I support his candidacy:

  1. His Energy- Eric's energy makes me confident that he will work hard. While getting through the details of town government would be tough for many, Eric is duty-driven and energetic when discussing both the minutia and big picture of town government in Sudbury.
  2. His Knowledge and Experience- In Sudbury. Eric would NOT be starting from scratch. He worked on the Finance Committee, Planning Board and may other groups and has followed the town's government for longer than I have lived here. When he tells me his thoughts and opinions, I usually agree. I also appreciate how he always brings things back to what is possible with the existing tax base. He is focused on optimal results but is also responsible and realistic about what the town can accomplish.
  3. His Calm, Easy-Going Demeanor- Our form of government takes cooperation and teamwork to function well. I think this would be Eric's biggest strength; even in disagreement, I have no doubt that Eric would work cooperatively with others on the Select Board to come to agreement and work towards solutions that will make the town better.

I am grateful for the time and effort he puts into this community and hope he wins at the polls!

— Michael Comer
Energy, Knowledge & Calm

I endorse Eric Poch for Select Board. Eric has spent over 25 years in Sudbury and is driven to helping shape the future direction of the town. He is a dedicated public servant demonstrated in his time on the Planning Board and, more recently, on the Finance Committee. He cares deeply about our town. Eric’s greatest strength, and why he is a perfect candidate for Select Board, is his openness and willingness to listen and discuss a wide range of ideas in order to drive positive dialog and outcomes. I’m happy to support Eric’s candidacy for Select Board. — Michael DiLeo
Willingness to listen and positive dialog.

I've known Eric for almost as long as I've lived in Sudbury (we moved here in 2005). In that time, he has volunteered in numerous capacities, formal and informal, in our town. From the Planning Board to FinCom, to his work on the Rte. 20 Wastewater Committee to the Rail Trail and more, he has always had the town's best interests at heart.

I have found him to be extremely pragmatic in his points of view over the years with an ability to consider and balance the many needs and wants of the town with what's possible fiscally. Importantly, he considers multiple angles to each issue when trying to come to the best solution regarding what's possible and how. It's never just a "no, we can't afford it" or "yes, we can." It's often "should we" or "we can if we did it this way."

Governance is rarely cut-and-dry, and it requires thoughtful consideration of many points of view. I value that kind of analysis and approach to challenging and important questions. His financial bonafides are easy to see, but the thoughtful approach is what might distinguish him from among others.

— Heath Umbach
Extremely pragmatic...with an ability to consider and balance...what's possible

I’ve known Eric for almost a decade now, and during that entire time I’ve seen that he has been wholeheartedly committed to the town of Sudbury. While so far, I can only speak to his immediate impact from his work on the Finance Committee, I know Eric to be passionate, thoughtful and pragmatic when it comes to what we can, and should, expect from the leadership of our wonderful town. He is a longtime Town resident and parent and has been dedicated for some time now to making this community the very best it can be. As a 40+ year resident of Sudbury, I am happy to vote for Eric and to support him in any way I can — I genuinely believe that he will make a positive difference for all of us who love this town and want to see it thrive for generations to come. — Lesley O'Keefe
Passionate, thoughtful and pragmatic

Hi Eric and thank you for running (again).

The Select Board and the town need you!  I am serious - the town needs your leadership, viewpoint and approach on the Selectboard. I have been telling my circle of connections to vote for you and why. A lot of voters have already voted by mail- including me! You will win!!

— Dianna Warren

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